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Russian brides are the best known in the world with Russians, and girls from eastern Europe in general, automatically coming to people’s minds when they think of mail order brides.  These have also been popularised in TV shows, and movies such as Birthday Girl, where mail order brides are portrayed as a scam.

Russian Brides Motivation

Contrary to the stereotypes about international online dating, most Russian mail order brides aren’t desperate to leave Russia, nor are they poverty stricken and desperate for citizenship in another country.  In fact, the prospect of moving thousands of miles from their family and friends to find themselves a partner is a daunting task that takes a lot of consideration.  The women who it are clearly adventurous, and a little brave, as they take measures to increase their dating pool that others may find intimidating.

Marriage is a huge part of Russian culture and women from the region are expected to marry young, usually in their early twenties. A women who is still unmarried at 30 is considered an “Old Maid”, which explains why so many Russian women on these international dating websites are young by Western standards.

There are 4 million more women than men in Russian. This roughly translates to 8 men for every 10 women. With more women than men some women will miss out so looking overseas provides another option.  Potential Russian brides who sign up for these websites tend to be optimistic and adventurous. They are looking for more in life and are willing to travel worldwide to find it.

Another motivation for these women might be dissatisfaction with Russian men or Russian culture.  Gender roles are still very real in Russia, with women expected to cook, clean and always look gorgeous and men expected to be chivalrous and the financial rock.  This might not work for all women.



Why choose Russian Brides?

Russian brides can be extremely beautiful, honest and intelligent. The stereotypically beautiful Russian women is something you can confirm yourself by looking through the online galleries of potential Russian brides.  As mentioned above, Russian culture expects them to look gorgeous.  For this reason they won’t leave the house without their make up and hair down and their outfit looking their best. The culture also means they have more encouragement to stay in shape.

Russian women have traditional and conservative values which helps make them good wife material. Like mentioned, these women are not signing up for a dating agency to find a saviour to get them out of Russia. They are looking to settle down and start a family and want to find the right man to do that with.  They intend to be a loving, devoted wife, a caring mother, and have strong family values.

Russians in general are also more direct than their Western Counterparts. This honesty and straightforwardness translates well romantically for men who don’t like to play the “mind games” that many men feel Western women play.

Of course not all women are the same. Like with any prospective partner you would date in your homeland, you need to find the women whose personality will click with yours.  Trust is an important factor in any relationship and doubly so when we are talking about dating someone who is so far away.

Russian Brides Scams

Like anything, there will be bad people out there. In online dating, you need to be wary of fakes, both individuals who are using you for something, and dating agencies who just want your money and don’t care about results.

International online dating can be costly so make sure you get to know these girls fully before paying to meet them and don’t rush in to anything. You should exercise good judgement and not do anything that doesn’t feel right just because your Russian bride is beautiful, or is telling you things you want to hear.  Remember that this is the same as dating. When choosing a Russian mail order bride you are choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with, so make the decision with a lot of thought and insight.

While the majority of Russian brides might not be looking to escape Russia, it is true that Russian woman are paid less than their male counterparts and may be looking for a way overseas for greater economic opportunities.  There will be women who try to seduce you online in order to get money from you or try to get citizenship in a foreign country if she feels this will improve her and her families life.

It is also not unheard of for beautiful Russian women to be working for the marriage agency. These use their looks to string men along and help the agency make money. Some agencies are thought to steal images of women from Russian social networking sites and they someone on their staff corresponds with the man in an attempt for them to gain more customers.  Always use a marriage agency with a good reputation when searching for your Russian mail order brides and never do anything that doesn’t sound right to you.

For some potential warning signs that your Russian Bride isn’t all she claims to be see our mail order bride red flags.


Russian Bride Stats

It is difficult to get divorce rates specifically for Russian mail order brides.  According to a Columbia University thesis published in 2012,  mail order bride relationships where the courtship lasted for at least 4 months are less likely to end in divorce than your average American marriage. The study stated that the divorce rate for mail order relationships was between 36% and 41% which places it lower than the overall divorce rate for many countries.

For example, the overall divorce rate for the US is 53%, for the UK it’s 47% and for Australia it’s 43%. Divorce rates across the world can be seen visually below.

divorce rates

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